Our school will provide a learning environment where the Christian faith is lived and taught and the beliefs and practices of those of other faiths, or none, are respected and valued and diversity celebrated. The school will provide a supportive and caring environment where pupils enjoy learning and pupils and staff feel safe, where expectations are high and the contribution of individuals is valued. Our Christian ethos will support our vision via practical manifestations including the following:

  • Use of free school freedoms to deliver and support our educational programmes
  • Setting our own taught day with enrichment supporting the specialism
  • Using the National Curriculum as a broad & balanced platform which we will extend

Key features of our proposed school are:

  • Students will draw significant benefit in terms of well-being from the pastoral care available which will include a vertical House approach while drawing on chaplaincy experience and expertise; the school will be built on a firm foundation of Christian values
  • High quality religious education and a daily act of Collective Worship together with excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision and outcomes will be strong features of school life
  • A wide-ranging enrichment programme will be provided during an extended day which will include a Breakfast Club and after-school supervised Homework Club, supporting personal as well as academic development while offering parent-friendly provision
  • Sutton Church of England Secondary School will have high aspirations for all students, particularly those from more deprived backgrounds and Proposers will work with the Headteacher to set ambitious gap-narrowing targets for all relevant subgroups of students
  • We will provide termly reports to parents as well as continuous real-time online access to information using a secure parent area of the school’s website in order to ensure they remain engaged and updated in terms of attainment and progress
  • Sutton Church of England Secondary School will establish and develop strong mutually beneficial partnerships with the local family of schools, local agencies, business, and charities to support learning opportunities for our students and develop our teachers
  • Our school will prepare students to be the future professional workforce for Sutton and South London and beyond